Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chanukah 2010

Below are two videos that are done completely in A Capella for Chanukah.

The first one is done by Six13 in conjunction with NCSY. I've included the lyrics below the second video.

The next is done by The Macabeats


You know I love it, when you spin
But I love you better, when I win
My heart is twirling, like a top
I hope it’s never ever ever gonna stop

You’ve got four letters, that tell the story
Of how my people survived and fought for glory
You know I made you, out of clay
And when you’re dry and ready dreidel I will play

I’ll be like dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, oh (3x)
Twirlin’ around and around
Keep on spinnin’ dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, oh (3x)
Come on and show me that gimmel now


It was December, I was hangin’ with my meidel
Eating gelt and spinnin’ up some dreidel
Tryin’ to win but I was not so nimble
I got the nuns and she got all the gimmels
It was Ma’oz Tzur that I was hearin’
As my coins continued disappearin’
Suddenly my nose starts to twitchin’
From the aroma comin’ from the kitchen

So we’re playin’ this game, just like I told ya
By the light of the Chanukah menorah
We had to finish the round, I couldn’t wait though –
I knew my mom was fryin’ up potatoes
They were latkes, fresh and delicious
My girl got up and I got suspicious
She said “relax, now don’t be a hater,
I’m just gon’ help her put away the grater”

In the night, we lit the lights
Like maccabees of days of old
But I can’t believe my girl has gone and stole… all my Chanukah latkes
How could she eat those latkes
All my Chanukah latkes

I Light It

Maccabees, excuse me if I’m lighting this too fast
I get so excited thinking how you got that oil to last
The candles melting down, burning low, low, low
It’s a Chanukah tradition that is never getting old, no-oh-oh… oh-oh…
It’s not a fire hazard, just a healthy Jewish glow, oh-oh-oh… oh-oh…
Light the lights, left to right, eat sufganiyot

Baby, I light it -- the Chanukah menorah
Baby, I light it -- the candles in my Chanukiah
Oh yes, I light it -- new one on every night
Baby, I light it, I-I-I light it

I’m lighting… the shamash… it’s kislev, my chevra…

Go Rabbi, that’s my Rabbi
The man who gave the d'var torah at NCSY
I spun a dreidel like a thousand times and I
Got some gelt, so good… now I’m flyin’ high
With all my friends at the Shabbaton
Singin’ z’mirot so loud, everyone knows that it's on
Wish I could do this every day
And soon, summer, Kollel and TJJ
Sayin’ what’s your chapter? What’s your region?
While other people singin’ “tis the season”
We're feelin' warm while the weather gets colder
‘Cause we're gettin’ presents eight times over
Six13, getting lyrical
We're lightin’ candles and we celebratin’ miracles
So Chag Sameach, chaverim
From NCSY and Six13

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