Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help me lose weight! Join me in my Pound-A-Thon and help raise money for poor people who need food!

I am (once again) going on a Pound-A-Thon. (To lose pounds – not gain them.)

My goal is to lose 40 lbs. over the next 6 months.

However this cannot be done without YOU!

I am asking you to sponsor me per pound that I lose. The money will be given to (a non-profit that give money to) poor individuals who need money to buy food (as well as other basic necessities).

Some of you may remember my Pound-A-Thon from May-Sept of 2008. In those 5 months, I lost 30 pounds and in the process raised about $4,500 for this charity. My thinking was that if I can’t eat at least let someone else eat!

My goal is to raise $4,000. That would require getting $100 total per pound, and losing 40 pounds.

Suggested donation is $1 per pound.

Start Date: Midnight on the night of October 9th 2010 (This Saturday night)
End Date: Midnight on the night of April 7th 2011

I plan on losing around 40 lbs.

****Please Note: **** This is not a minimum or maximum; just a rough estimate.

I am starting off at around 225 lbs


Please respond with the amount you can sponsor or fill out the online form here. 

Once the Pound-A-Thon gets started I will update with current weight totals and sponsorship totals.


Shimmy said...

{Sigh} I remember when I tried this...
In for a $1.50 a pound. Good Luck!

myrna ries said...

Avrohom, I'll sponsor you for $2 a pound. I hope you make it. You are so cute now, but think much cuter and healthier you will be after your fast. Love, Saftah

Unknown said...

Awwwww -

Thanks Saftah!

Unknown said...

Moshe says we will only sponsor you if you stay on the diet over pesach too.

Unknown said...

You got a dollar from me

Unknown said...

Sima - no deal

Anonymous said...

I think that in order to not have to have this pound-a-thon a third time you have to sponsor yourself a KEEP-IT-OFF-A-THON for a year after your pound-a-thon ends for $5 a pound for every pound you gain back!

Unknown said...

Anonymous -

Incorrect. A Pound-A-Thon 3.0 isn't out of the question. The thing is, I'm constantly gaining weight as I like to eat and enjoy food. I need to every now and then bring my weight down so I can eat and enjoy myself without getting totally over-bloated. But it's hard. So I have a Pound-A-Thon so I can have a push to lose the weight and raise money at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Yo-Yo dieting is terrible. If the kavana is to lose the weight in order to be able to gain it back... then, it's probably assur to support this "cause".... but, then again, your father is the posek! :)

M said...

its a tad mean to have a pound-a-thon and get skinny while your wife is tipping the scale in the opposite direction....

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